Cute Pink Pet Strollers for the Pup on the Go

My neighbor has a Boston Terrier named Dixie and Miss Dixie LOVES to go on our nightly walks with us. However, it never fails… we get a mile or two away from home, turn to head back, and suddenly Dixie doesn’t want to walk anymore – she has to be carried.

Last week my neighbor friend got a super cute pink dog stroller and now Dixie is in heaven, we can walk further without worrying about Dixie, AND our arms don’t hurt when we get home from carrying her.

Here are some really cute and affordable pink dog strollers if you’re looking for one.

She originally tried to find a good pet stroller for under $50, but that’s really not possible. Yep, there ARE some in that price range, but they’re just not very good. The best prices I’ve seen on GOOD pink puppy strollers are about $60 – $75. Naturally, you can upgrade to a better one, but still, you won’t pay over $100 if you follow the discount links to the sale prices we’ve found.